Quality Concrete Precast U-Drain

Ensuring Effective Drainage System

EST. 1988

Precast U-Drain



SGC Precast U-Drains allow for fast construction of open flow channels using high quality factory cast units with a minimum of wet concrete works. SGC Precast U-Drains also come with or without Dry Weather Flow (DWF) channels. With ease of handling and installation of SGC U-Drains, construction progress will be less affected by adverse weather and thus reduce construction period and cost.



  • SGC U-Drains are designed to the requirements of BS 8110 : 1997
  • SGC U-Drains concrete cover to reinforcement : 25mm
  • SGC U-Drains are manufactured from high strength concrete with a 28 days characteristic strength of 30MPa to 40 MPa
  • SGC U-Drains come with 50mm diameter weep holes for drainage of thge retained soil. This helps to prevent build up of hydrostatic pressures when combined with the butt jointed units. Hence, the relieved hydrostatic pressures are not taken into consideration in the design
  • SGC U-Drains are designed for the two(2) standard surcharge loading conditions

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