Quality Concrete Precast L-Shape


EST. 1988

Precast L-Shape



SGC L-Shape Units allow for quick and easy installation in retaining structures or open channel drains. The units are versatile which enhances its use as it is suitable to be used as Retaining walls, Open drains, and Temporary or Permanent Storage walls. The units are easily assembled or dismantled making it convenient for fast installation and transportation. Dry Weather Flow (DWF) sections are provided separately with the L-Shape units. The construction progress will be less affected by the weather as well as construction period and costs are reduced.



  • The usefulness of the SGC L-Shape Units is enhance by its versatility.
  • They may be used as Retaining Walls, Temporary or Permanent Storage Walls, Open Drains and Wall Fencing System.



  • SGC L-Shape Units are easily assembled or dismantled for service elsewhere.
  • SGC L-Shape Units are realiable factory cast concrete.
  • SGC L-Shape Units are temporary storage where permanent storage not required or impractical.
  • SGC L-Shape Units able to increase storage capacity and maintenance eliminated.
  • SGC L-Shape Units can be off loaded from transport and erected in one operation.
  • SGC L-Shape Units are assembly or dismanting can be attended to by unskilled labour.



  • SGC L-Shape Units Precast design is in accordance with BS 8110 based on the units loading conditions: -

         - Type 1: BS 5400:Part 2:2006 and BD 37/01 HA loading at 1.22m behind the wall.

         - Type 2: Surcharge of 600mm maximum with 30˚ slope, behind and above the wall (open drain)

         - Type 3: Surcharge of 600mm maximum with 30˚ slope (retaining wall)

  • SGC L-Shape Units’ bulk density of their soil backfill is to be 19 kN/m3.
  • SGC L-Shape Units not designed for hydrostatic load by provision of weep holes and other details by the project engineer.
  • In-situ RC Shear key by other / project engineer where necessary.

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